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We are pleased to present one of the finest machines on the market for
the accurate carving of identical wood items from an original pattern.
These fine machines are built for a lifetime of use.
And every machine comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY

Constructed from 1/8th inch plate steel,
the entire machine is absolutely rigid and non-flexing.
Because of this, extreme accuracy is standard.

Simply a wonderful tool for the hands-on craftsman who wants to produce a quality product!
The RADARCARVE Carving Duplicator takes the place of fine handwork, producing identical copies.
Simple manual operation means that virtually anyone can produce a perfect copy.

Both the original and the new blank to be copied are locked into the holding and rotating mechanism,
and the operator carves the new piece by moving the cutting head in any direction by hand.
A stylus follows the contour of the original while the matching cutting bit removes the excess wood.
Operating with a smooth feather touch, it is actually difficult to make mistakes.
Will carve a ball and claw chair leg in less than 30 minutes. All that remains is a final sanding to be complete.
The Rotating Mechanism allows for the turning of the workpieces a full 360 degrees in unison,
and then locked solidly in position for carving with the twist of a knob. Setup is accomplished
in a matter of minutes on your own table, which can be as simple as a piece of plywood. 
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