Model Two

The Original "Guitar Carver" is a special duplicator set up to carve everything that our Model One will, but
with the additional capability to handle wider objects of up to 16" in width, when laid flat on a secondary table.
Wonderful for electric guitar bodies, violin fronts and backs, instrument necks, door panels, picture frames ...
the possibilities are endless. Wider widths are available on a custom basis for a surprisingly reasonable cost.

MODEL TWO (8" Diameter-16" Width) ......$1,395.00

The work pieces can be held down to the table in a variety of ways,
including double sided tape, or holding blocks.
The instructions include a section on how to make your own felt lined holding blocks.
This machine will carve an electric guitar body or a guitar neck rapidly.
Each machine is manufactured to the specifications of the router that is purchased by the
customer locally or online. See the  Routers section. Be sure to purchase the correct
router for your particular machine.

Wider Machines can be custom made to suit the customers individual needs.
Each one comes with the Holding and Rotating Mechanism for the carving
of items up to 8 inches in diameter in three dimensions.

Custom 12-20 inch ...... $1,595.00

  Motor Unit to turn the mechanism automatically!
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