Model One

The ultimate for volume production work
, this basic machine will carve objects up to 8
inches in diameter by any length needed. Length of carving is extended with the construction
of a simple plywood sliding table, if lengths longer than the standard 35" are needed.
We can supply LARGER DIAMETER side rails if you want to carve up to 60" long without a sliding panel
This prevents any flex in the system. Very long regular diameter side rails are not recommended

The Ultimate for Furniture Makers who need a rapid method of producing table
and chair legs, ornamental millwork, carved door panels, and curved shapes of
any kind. Opens up a world of possibilities that were previously not available.

This is the ideal duplicator for carving gunstocks and pistol grips
and it is used by many gunsmiths to produce high quality stocks for their customers. It will
exactly duplicate a stock in about 2 hours and has superb accuracy.
Fantastic for inletting, it will carve so precisely that a drop in perfect fit is routine.   


Comes with the following:
  • Holding and Rotating Mechanisms
  • Selection of Carbide cutting bits and matching guide pins
  • Full setup and operating instructions
  • We do not supply the router: Takes the BOSCH COLT router, purchased locally by the customer.

  • Machine price: $ 1,185.00

    Optional Accessories
    Model One or Two set up for Bosch 1617, or 690 series Porter Cable routers add $125.00
    Motorized Unit for automatic turning
    For details, click here:  MOTOR
    $ 275.00
    Larger rails/bearings for up to 60" carving length (ask about longer lengths) $ 200.00


    This Model is identical to the regular MODEL ONE
    except that everything has been scaled up
    to handle objects to 12" in diameter
    Uses the Bosch 1617 2HP router

    Machine price........ $1,395.00

    Each machine is manufactured to the specifications of the router purchased by the customer locally or online. See the  Routers section. With the construction of a very simple plywood panel laid down the centerline, length of carving can be extended to any length, if lengths longer than 35" are needed.
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